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Expanding our footprint to better serve our great customers!

Nothing better than Alpaca Products

Christmas season is now upon us and we have lots of luxurious products made from Alpaca Fiber. Come visit us at our Farm Store and shop while supplies last!

Black Rock Mountain Alpacas and Fiber Mill is dedicated to breeding superior Alpacas and providing a full service Fiber Mill.

Our Fiber Mill is in partnership with Sawdust Alpacas and the only mill in Nevada. With all new equipment we will be accepting orders during January 2020. We will be offering a full schedule of products from Rovings and Batts through Fine Yarn. In addition we will offer needle felting and wet felting. We know the importance of processing your fiber with the highest quaiity and delivery expected.

In addition we will be offering Felting Classes with details to follow.

If you would like to reserve a spot in our production process or wish to sign up for our felting classes, please contact us at 775-843-8201 or email us. This is your opportunity to get on the ground floor for your fiber needs.

We can work with you to provide the best possible options for your budget.