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Black Rock Mountain Alpacas & Fiber Mill

Your Premier Destination for Superior Alpacas and Fiber Processing!!

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FREE SHIPPING ON any order!!

Don't let distance be a factor in your choice of Mills. We will credit you on incoming shipments and shipping is free back to you!!!

Please refer to the shipping instructions listed on our price sheet within this website.

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Award winning yarns! Now taking orders for delivery in 4 to 5 months plus free shipping!

Black Rock Mountain Alpacas and Fiber Mill is dedicated to breeding superior Alpacas and providing a full service Fiber Mill.

It all starts with a good base of animals acquired on genetics and fiber characteristics. We have been very careful as to pick our herd carefully. Our breeding program is based on genetics and what will produce the best possible fiber. We offer these animals for sale and will work with you to accommodate your budgets. Our top Herdsire's are Johnny Cash and Gambling Man. We offer these Black and White multiple award winners to enhance your herd for reasonable rates..

Our mill boasts all new equipment and is turning out great products. Of course quality and lead time are foremost in our goals for you the customer. In addition we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders both to and from the mill. Shipping is a big expense and we do not want distance to have an effect on your decision of a processing mill.

We offer FREE TOURS of both the farm and the fiber mill. We also understand that your safety is number one. We understand and enforce social distancing as well as providing masks when in close quarters. Please call ahead for an appointment.

We can work with you to provide the best possible options for your budget.